Anthony first took to the mic at 5RM when he did work experience in the 80s. His career took him across the country and finally back home again in 2020.

Riverland born and bred, Anthony tells stories about growing up on the farm and his adventures far and wide. Anthony has a story, joke or trivia titbit for every occasion.

Lachie joins in on the fun and keeps everything in line, while keeping us up to date on the current news and sports.

Join in on the laughter, banter and great music each weekday from 6am.

Lachie joins Anthony throughout the show and although Anthony’s old enough to be Lachie’s dad, Lachie is the one of the two who keeps the show out of the legal department most weeks.

Lachie’s weekend adventures don’t get past Anthony however, he’s living through him and trying to stay young.

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