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Duff daily boat

The Australia v USA powerboat challenge has now been run and won. Round 2 of the event held in the Riverland saw competitors tackle warm conditions which proved to be tricky for some. 

During Friday practice Lachie caught up with U.S based boat racer Duff Daily and team owner Mike Stock to see how things were going with the hot conditions.

Here's the chat.

Results for the two round event are below.

Decision- 46
Immortal Circuit Racing- 44
K777 War Eagle- 41
Unleashed BAD boat team- 36
Convict- 35
She’s the Culprit- 33.5
K999 El Cid- 29
Wild Child- 28
Airborne- 28
Bulldog- 28
Turn It Up- 25.5
Outlaw- 23
Tuff E Nuff- 22
Shockwave- 21.5
The Chase- 20
Chevy Chase- 20
Patriot- 18
The Apprentice- 16
Rival- 15
The Fly- 11
007- 10
Duggan Balancing- 5
Toxic- 2