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About Shovel and Bull

The Shovel and Bull is a new radio destination for South Australian listeners. It's a new way to finish your day, it's closer than your local and you're always welcome to bring your ears along and pull up a chair. With special guests, games, and a finger on the pulse of South Australia, an afternoon with Chris Dzelde at the Shovel and Bull will keep you informed and entertained as you finish your day!

chris dzedleAbout Chris Dzelde

Chris Dzelde is a Star Wars fan, Music lover and a SA Broadcasting Legend!

Having been a Radio Broadcaster for over 30 years, he's worked in NSW, VIC, TAS and the ACT, but it's SA that he calls home. Having been on SA's airwaves since the year 2000, South Australian audiences have grown to know and love Chris's fun loving ways.

The Shovel & Bull is populated by an interesting cast of regulars, including Rick the Narcoleptic Bouncer, Benny the stuttering Bingo caller, Les and the Boys in the kitchen (noted for thir “experimental” approach to Bistro food), and the highly entertaining Tiny Dancer, who lived with his wife and family for 45 years inside Elton John’s piano and now can be spotted doing a sprightly jig amongst the complimentary peanuts! Come on in and meet the whole gang!
Marvel at the glow-in-the-dark darts game! Check out the life-size statue of Don Bradman made entirely from Play-Doh and toenail clippings! And tune in for some great music and the occasional exclusive broadcast of “Extreme Magic”, live from Shropshire!

Come and join Chris at the Shovel and Bull 4pm - 6pm Weekdays!