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Hot Cross Buns Sold As Boxing Day Buns Has Caused Outrage


Easter is like 3 months away and already Hot Cross buns have made their way to the shelves, but there is an issue with this batch.

And Coles is apparently to blame for this issue.

Coles decided to start selling hot cross buns yesterday (Boxing Day) and called them “Boxing Day buns”.

This has outraged many people saying that Coles is “destroying tradition.”

Did you know that on December 28, 2018, Coles actually sold over 2.1 million of buns in just four days, so it goes to show that people do want to buy them in December.
Other people claim that hot cross buns should only be enjoyed at Easter. Many went on to Coles Facebook page to express their opinion:


 Coles category manager Frederick Hancock has stated that, quote, "They used to be an Easter-only treat, but our bakers are constantly being asked by customers when they can get their hands on our hot cross buns.”



Coles want to offer the sweet goodness all year round and conducted a trial back in August.

Now if you're wondering about other supermarkets, well, Woolworths will not sell hot cross buns until January 2, and Aldi Australia will place them on shelves January 8.