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Dr Wilson

Losing weight can be a tough thing to do,

Dr Cheryl Wilson explains its not always the number on the scales.

Not losing weight when exercising

It can be frustrating to not lose weight when you are doing really well exercising. 

Our weight is one way of gauging how much fat we are carrying. When we measure and monitor our fat percentage and waist circumference in addition to our weight, then we can see how our bodies are changing with our exercising. 

It’s not uncommon to be losing fat but our weight stays the same. This occurs when we gain muscle. Gaining muscle not only means that we are stronger but also our base metabolism (how many calories we burn) increases. Win - win. 

Even if we don’t lose an ounce of weight, we still reap so many health benefits by exercising: reducing our risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some cancers in addition to improving our moods and wellbeing. 

Sometimes what we are eating can also be a factor. Sometimes we eat a bit more or ’treat’ ourselves with poor food choices when we feel we have earned it because we have been exercising. 

Sometimes people have a metabolic condition with their thyroid that can make weight loss a challenge. If you are concerned, then see your regular GP and get tested. 

In the meantime, keep moving! Regardless of the numbers, you will be winning. 

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