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Children’s Screen time Guidelines, Phones, tablets, tv, computer, and video games all together.

Last week we spoke to 'Living Well's Dr Cheryl Wilson about our Children and screen times and we have been asked for Children’s Screen time Guidelines. So here we go, Screen time is:

Phones, tablets, tv, computer, and video games all together.
World Health Organisation:
0 - 18 months old - no screen time outside of video chats 
18 months -  2 years old - if any screen time, co-watch high quality educational content only, with them and limit total exposure to less than 1 hour
3 - 5 years old - Up to 1 hour per day 
6 - 10 years old - up to 1 1/2 hours per day 
11 - 12 years old - up to 2 hours per day 
Cris Rowan - The Paediatric Occupational Therapist that authored Virtual Child recommends:
0 -2 years - no exposure
3-5 years - maximum 1 hour per day - non violent tv only
6-12 years -  maximum 2 hour per day - non violent tv only
13- 18 years - maximum 2 hour per day - non violent tv, handheld devices, with a limit to 30 minutes of video games = no online violent video games
Cheryl says, "I look at it this way, I consider most screen time the mental equivalent of junk food. I wouldn’t allow regular consumption of junk for a young growing body. I wouldn’t recommend the majority of video games/handheld devices/most tv programming to a young person who is growing and developing their brain. They have one chance to grow well and develop healthy bodies and minds. When growing healthy and happy children I recommend limiting junk food and junk screen time to only sometimes events.  
Links to Screen time Guidelines: 
World Health Organisation’s Guidelines
Paediatric Occupational Therapist Recommendations
Living Well with Dr. Wilson
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