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Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland (RDAMR) has appointed a new CEO – Ben Fee

Ben Fee has been appointed as the RDAMR Chief Executive Officer. So Ian spoke to Mr Fee and found out he has a strong background in the region, having delivered the $265 million South Australia River Murray Sustainability program (SARMS) on behalf of the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).

SARMS won the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) Prime Minister’s Gold Award for Excellence in Public Sector Management in 2017.

Mr Fee also led the redevelopment of the Loxton Research Centre, developed a fruit fly preparedness plan for the Riverland area and has led international delegations through the Murray-Darling Basin. In addition to roles in State Government, Mr Fee has run his own business, commenced a PhD in resources economics focusing on Murray-Darling Basin water recovery programs and took on the role of Acting CEO of RDAMR in February/March of 2018.

In his new role Mr Fee will lead RDAMR’s operations as the economic development agency for the Murraylands and Riverland region.

RDAMR Chair Mr Neil Martinson, said: “RDAMR promotes and facilitates economic growth and jobs creation, bringing together the efforts of all levels of government and the business community through advocacy, facilitation and delivery of economic development projects. “Ben has a strong knowledge and understanding of the economic, social and environmental drivers of our region.

He is well placed to lead RDAMR to achieve our vision of a vibrant, resilient region that embraces economic development and prosperity.” Mr Fee said: “RDAMR is a fantastic team with a shared focus on elevating the Murraylands and Riverland as an inspirational living, investment and working environment. “I look forward to working with our team as we support job seekers, businesses and the community so that our region can thrive and prosper.”


Photo: Ben Fee