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Rocktober has arrived and it is just over a week away, have you got your tickets.

 Rocktober is here already and there for The River Rock Rockers are gearing up for the 'Rockober' 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th across the Renmark and Berri.

Jan Fitzgerald joins Ian on 5RM Breakfast to chat about this years theme, 'Polka Dots'.

Jan listed this years events, Friday night in the Renmark Hotel's Galaxy Room from 6.30 with 'Cool Rockin' Daddy'

Saturday night from 6.30, the venue is the Berri Town Hall for 'Rip it Up'

Sunday morning is a farewell breakfast at Martins Bend from 9.30

and if you still feel like more dancing, Monday night the River Rock Dance Club will meet at the Galaxy Room at the Renmark Hotel from 7.30

Tickets are going fast, so contact Lynn and get your tickets this week.

More information available by contacting Lynn Schmaal on 0438846164 

Jan Fitzgerald


 Photo: jan Fitzgerald (5RM)