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Living Well with Dr Cheryl Wilson, better living, better health.

Today we discuss Positive Psychology and how it impacts on our daily lives. You would be surprised how it actually impacts us on so many levels.

Martin Seligman has researched and determined what we need in our lives to truly Flourish, to achieve Wellbeing. 

Now, we know there are no ‘ups’, without ‘downs’. But how to see get the most out of our lives? 
Positive Emotions - when we look back on good memories and have things to look forward to in the future, we are enjoy the present. 
Engagement - when we focus on the things we enjoy and care about then we achieve flow. 
Relationships - good quality relationships to share our lives and experiences with 
Meaning - we get more out of life when we dedicate time to something greater than ourselves. A sense of Purpose.  
Accomplishment - looking back on our lives and efforts with a sense of accomplishment. “I did it”. 
Where to find Positive Psychology? Martin Seligman’s book Flourish
Dr. Darren Morton’s online program
Join us at Living Well with Dr. Cheryl Wilson for 'The Lift Project', present in an engaging group environment. 

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Dr Cheryl Wilson has become part of the 5RM Family, as we discuss matter close to our hearts, our health. 

We take our health for granted and it is such an important part of our quailty of life as we get older, so we break down many parts of our lives, exercise, how we sleep, what we eat, when, how, and why.

You will here Dr Cheryl Wilson Friday mornings after 8.35am on 5RM.

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