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Dr. Cheryl Wilson takes a look at Depression and Anxiety on R U OK day today

On R U OK Day today, we talk to Dr Cheryl Wilson on Depression and Anxiety. 
As Dr Wilson explained to Ian on 5RM Breakfast, the guidelines for Depression and Anxiety list Lifestyle as the first treatment.
So what does that mean? 
Nutrition: the more fruit and veg that we eat the happier we are the next day.
The optimum being 7-8 serves each day, Dr Wilson says, Enjoy. It is after all great tasting medicine.
Professor Felice Jacka writes in her book 'Brain Changer' that 30-40% of mood disorders are attributable to our diets.
Avoid processed foods says Dr Wilson. If you Great Great Grandmother doesn’t recognise it as food, then neither will your body. 
Try more Physical activity - Being physically active for 30 minutes a day is more effective than most anti depressant tablets. This means it doesn’t have to be gym, you just need to move and breath a bit more than you are currently. 
Get Outside - Being outside for 30 minutes a day is more effective than most anti depressant tablets. Dr Wilson said, "I always recommend getting outside and move for the double whammy effect".
Relationships - Loneliness is associated with lower mood, poorer health and shorter lives. One of the best medicines for all aspects of our health and wellbeing is the quality of our relationships. Not social media (that is associated with poorer health), Dr Wilson means face to face. 
Sleep - If we don’t get our 8 hours daily then our mood, resilience and health pay the price. 
Positive Psychology is a new branch of psychology that focuses on helping us to achieve our happiest lives. All of the previous mentioned is involved, including playing to our strengths, having a purpose, engaging in a sense of play and many other great techniques to get the best out of life. 
Want to know more book an appointment with Dr. Cheryl Wilson.
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