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We are still looking for more donations to help little Riley Giles so far $15,000

Last Sunday morning Keran Villis, a cancer surviving amputee herself, walked 25 kms on her crutches from Loxton to Berri with lots of supporters, to raise funds for a special cause.

Seventy-Four Doners have donated thus far over $4,000 in the 'Walk for Riley', however Keran explained this morning she is up to $15,000 for Riley.

5RM’s Greg Baker, Top Catch's Kym Manning and another fourty people walked the 25 km's in overcast and at time raining conditions to raise much needed funds to help improve Ryley's quality of life.

Ryley Giles has recently undergone an MRI of his Brain and Spine and several other tests. The results showed that whilst the cancer throughout his brain and spine is evident, it seems that the cancer cells have not actively changed shape or size at this stage.

Keran said, “The generosity and support thus far has been fantastic. Thank you to everyone who donated”.

You can donate by going to Kerans’ go fund me page

Karen Villas

Photo: 5RM