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You won't believe what a little exercise can do to your life.

Today we discuss exercise with Living Well's Dr Cheryl Wilson, how it impacts on our daily lives.

You will be surprised how it actually impacts us on so many levels, a little bit of exercise each day will change your life.

Dr Cheryl Wilson has become part of the 5RM Family, as we discuss, our health and how it impacts our lives Friday mornings on 5RM Breakfast. 

This week Dr Cheryl Wilson has great intervention, that has been discovered?

It does Reduce pain and disability in 47% of people with knee Osteoarthritis

It Reduces the progression to dementia/Alzheimer’s in 50% of people

People at high risk of type 2 diabetes, along with other lifestyle measures, reduced the progression to Diabetes by 58%

In Post-menopausal women, it reduced the risk of hip fracture by 41%

It Reduced anxiety by 48%

Relieved depression in 30%, 47% as the dose was increased

10,000 Harvard alumni who were followed over tweleve years, had a 23% lower risk of death

It is the number 1 treatment for fatigue

It improves quality of life

What is this intervention?

"Exercise" - Exercise is Medicine

And Dr Cheryl Wilson prescribes it

Aerobic. Strength. Stretch. Balance 

Improved cardio resp and muscular fitness - can do more - live more

Exercise prevents falls, Sedentary lives, Early death, Heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, Metabolic syndrome, Colon and breast cancer, Weight gain

So Dr Wilson, how much exercise?

For those aged 6-17 years 1 hour daily, at least 3 days vigorous - muscle strengthening 1 hour 3 days a week, bone strengthening 60 min 3 days a week 

Adults; 2 1/2 hours moderate aerobic, or 1 1/4 hours vigorous 

Some is better than none, Dr Wilson says “More is better”

Sitting > 20 min - the longer the more these increase - Legs and gluteals weaken, weight gain, Hips and back, shoulder, neck pain, Anxiety and depression are increased, Cancer risks increase for some types, Heart disease risk increases and Blood clots. 

We take our health for granted and it is such an important part of our quailty of life, as we get older, so we break down many parts of our lives, exercise, how we sleep, what we eat, when, how, and why.

Dr Cheryl Wilson Friday mornings on 5RM.

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