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Monitor Your Health With Google Calendar according to Richard Pascoe.

There are a lot of apps out there to track things such as illness, your period or your mental health ups and downs. Adelaide Tech Guy, Richard Pascoe explains on 5RM Breakfast.

But the simplest way to keep track of what’s going on with your body is just to create a calendar (in Google Calendar or wherever you keep your appointments) called “health”.

Then just create an all-day event for anything you want to note: “Allergies are bad today” or “sore throat” or “diarrhoea” or “period started”. Feel free to come up with code words if you’re concerned with people seeing the calendar.

You can add notes in the “description” field, and you can get a big-picture look at what happened with the Schedule (used to be Agenda) view that just gives a list of dates and events.

You can also search calendar events, giving an easy way to answer when your doctor asks “How long ago did this start?”

 Subject:What is Chredge ?

Coming very shortly to a Windows 10 computer is a new browser

Edge is on all Windows 10 computers

However the majority of the world uses Chrome

Microsoft in their wisdom have decided that Google do web browsers just a bit better so in the coming update you will see edge but in reality it is Google Chrome with an Edge front on it

Hence why we call it Chredge – Chrome and Edge


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