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The world watched in heartbreak as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames. Countless people across the globe recalled visiting the cherished landmark -- they shared digital images of the cathedral online, inspiring hope it could be rebuilt with such resources. Indeed, Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral has for centuries inspired artists, photographers and others who sought to replicate its form.

As Richard explained to Ian on 5RM Breakfast, Among those was the late Andrew Tallon, a professor at Vassar who used laser scanning to create massive digital files that captured the cathedral down to its precise measurements.

 "Can it help us rebuild? Yes, it can,"  Columbia art history Prof. Stephen Murray said with respect to Tallon's work. "I think it's terribly important."

 Tallon used a Leica Geosystems laser scanner, which as Murray explained, sends out laser strobes to measure the distance between the scanner itself and anything the laser hits. Mounted on a tripod, you can sweep an entire building, creating billions of dots of light across the structure. "You watch those dots of light come to life on your computer screen in a three-dimensional sense,"

And congratulations for Eight great years on radio Richard.

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