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Riverland Gel Blasters

A local Gel-Blaster owner and business operator is still coming to terms with significant changes to gel blaster regulations.  

Last week it was announced that Gel-Blasters would be declared as a regulated imitation firearm, meaning owners would need to obtain a firearm licence or surrender their blasters.

Chris Mapley, owner of Riverland Gel Blasters and Maintenance as well as Riverland mobile Skirmish field said he’s been in shock since last week’s announcement and does not agree with the changes.

Mr Mapley added that while he has applied for a firearms licence, he said said he estimated he may need to invest up to an additional $30,000 to make his business legal under the new regulations. 

Last week SAPOL said there would be an amnesty of six months for current owners to either obtain the correct licence or surrender their Gel-Blasters to Police.

Further details on the changes can be found here

Image - Facebook/Riverland Gel Ops.