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Local Police have yet again caught more local drivers behaving badly.

Last Wednesday a 60-year-man from Blanchetown was reported for drink and drug driving after being stopped in Blanchetown, The probationary licence holder was breath tested returning a reading of 0.08 and also returned a positive sample to cannabis.

The man’s car was impounded for 28 days and his licence was suspended on the spot for six months.

Then last Thursday night police were called to a minor collision at the Loxton roundabout on Bookpurnong Terrace, a 43-year-old woman driving the car was located a short time later and breath tested, allegedly returning a blood alcohol reading of 0.248 or nearly five times over the legal limit.

The driver was arrested and charged with failing to stop and provide particulars after being involved in a collision, driving without due care and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The car was impounded and the driver will appear in court in October. 

Image - 5RM/MAGIC931