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A local MP is backing a government initiative to lower university costs for study in areas of expected employment growth and demand.

From next year some uni fees will be up to 62% less in areas of demand, including agriculture and maths, while other courses including teaching will significantly less.

From 2021, students will pay 46 per cent less to study teaching, nursing, clinical psychology, English and languages, 62 per cent less to study agriculture and maths, and 20 per cent less to study health, architecture, environmental science, IT, and engineering.

Local Member Tony Pasin said “The Agricultural industry is Barkers biggest employer. A strong agricultural sector is vital for the future of our regional communities so it’s great that these skills are being prioritised,”

Mr Pasin also said “To power our post-COVID economic recovery, we will make a bigger contribution to degrees in areas of expected employment growth such as nursing and teaching, and importantly for our regional communities, degrees in agriculture will also be significantly cheaper.

Image - Pexels.