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rsz 1rsz completed pike regulator which is the main structure to assist in creating managed floodplain inundations v2

Major construction works of major environmental regulators at a local floodplain have now been completed, with the works set to improve the health of the landscape. 

Program Coordination and Development Manager Dr Glenn Shimmin said he was delighted to see the completion of the new structures, which have taken more than 12 months to complete. 

Dr Shimmin said. “These new structures will allow management of water flow within the creeks of the Pike Floodplain,” 

The newly completed structures will provide the ability to fill the creeks and allow water to spill out onto the floodplain landscape, providing much needed water to native vegetation. 

This work forms part of the $155 million South Australian Riverland Floodplains Integrated Infrastructure Program (SARFIIP) to improve the health and resilience of Riverland floodplains.

Image - Department of environment & water.