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Local Apprentice & Trainee numbers are again in the spotlight, with both sides of Australian politics citing different numbers. 

Last week Federal Labor painted a bleak picture of skills training across Australia, with areas like the Riverland hit particularly hard.

Speaking last week Richard Marles, Deputy Leader of the ALP & Shadow Minister for Minister for Employment, Skills and Small Business training said numbers had dropped in Barker by 38% since 2013.

In response, local member for Barker and Liberal polly Tony Pasin said Labor is using inflated figures that reflect a period when their loose policies allowed Australia’s training system to be heavily rorted by employers who were transferring existing workers into traineeships and apprenticeships to gain easy access to government supports.

Figures provided by Mr Pasin's office showed  3,160 Apprentice and Traineeships were currently underway in Barker as of June this year. 

Labor party numbers indicated that 4879 training placements were underway in 2013, and as of March this year 2980 apprentices and Trainees were employed in Barker.  

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay