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A Victorian Woman who was located last week near the SA-VIC Border in the Loxton Area will spend at least one month in Jail after being sentenced last week. 

Pauline Joy Briggs of Mildura faced court last Friday and plead guilty to breaching the emergency management act.

Briggs was located with three other travellers last Wednesday with police saying at the time the stories of where the travellers had been in the 24 hours previous didn’t line up.

Speaking in court the Victorian woman told the court her decision to cross the border into South Australia without an essential traveller permit was a "stupid decision".

The Driver of the car, Aaron Peterson was jailed for 18 days, while the two others in the car from NSW will face the Berri Magistrates Court this week after not applying for bail last week.

image - EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA from Pexels