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It’s still unclear when birthing services may return at the Waikerie hospital, with the union representing Nurses & Midwives in SA making comment on the situation.

Since January birthing services at Waikerie have been temporarily suspended, with the local health network citing appropriate staffing as the major issue. Since then expecting mothers have gone to hospitals in Berri, Loxton or Adelaide.

It’s understood the around 30 births per year took place at the Waikerie Hospital in the years prior to the suspension of services early this year.

Speaking recently, head of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation's SA branch Elizabeth Dabars said the union was "very concerned" with the situation, adding further that 'problems recruiting more midwifery and nursing staff at the hospital was a result of systemic failures across many years'

Recently the local health network said they were continuing efforts to recruit staff however the covid-19 pandemic had made things difficult.

It's also understood several other regional areas are experiencing similar issues in attracting appropriate medical staff. 

image -Pixabay from Pexels