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Snake Season Sneaks Up on Pet Owners

640px Western Brown snake
This time of year, marks the beginning of a rise in snake bites in animals as the warmer weather and dryer conditions put an end to winter hibernation.

The Australian Veterinary Association is encouraging local animal owners to take precautions to help minimise the risk of snake bites and seek immediate veterinary advice if they suspect their animal has has been bitten.

Australian Veterinary Association President, Dr Paula Parker, said that snakes tend to be their most active at the end of the day. She added that snakes found in backyards are usually looking for mice or rats to eat and that maintaining a tidy gardens and sheds, ensuring that wood piles are neatly stacked and discarding lawn clippings can reduce the risk.

Signs of snake bite can vary depending on the snake and the location in Australia. Common signs of a snake bite include:

  • Sudden weakness followed by collapse
  • Unexplained bleeding or swelling
  • Reluctance or inability to walk
  • Breathing problems


Image by Andy [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons