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Treasure chest 'found' in US mountains

A bronze chest filled with gold, jewels and other valuables worth more than $US1 million ($A1.4 million) and hidden a decade ago somewhere in the Rocky Mountain wilderness has been found, according to a famed art and antiquities collector who created the treasure hunt.

Great white shark kills Queensland surfer

Two surfers who fought off a three-metre great white shark that fatally attacked a 60-year-old Queenslander in northern NSW have been praised for their "heroic" attempt to save his life.

Police defend spray use after Sydney rally

NSW Police have defended the use of capsicum spray on a group of people who allegedly acted aggressively after a protest in Sydney against racism and Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Thousands turn out in Aust day of protest

Tens of thousands of people have rallied across Australia in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest Aboriginal deaths in custody, defying calls from health officials and the prime minister to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Protest could trigger health 'catastrophe'

Australia's top medical officer says it would be catastrophic if the coronavirus spread to remote indigenous communities, as protesters are urged not to attend Black Lives Matter rallies.

Portugal cops again under fire over Maddy

Portuguese detectives face fresh scrutiny over missed opportunities to focus on a local sex criminal in their investigation into the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann.