Growers urged to seek support

March 25, 2024 8:55 am in by
Photo: Pexels

A number of local wine grape producers could be eligible for increased Rural Financial Counselling Service funding, according to industry body Riverland Wine.  

An additional $1.7M was allocated to the program recently, as announced by Federal Minister for Agriculture Murray Watt.

Lyndall Rowe, Riverland Wine CEO said “Close to 500 growers would be eligible for the Farm Household Allowance component of the RFCS funding”

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Under the program, Farmers are eligible to receive a payment of up to $693.90 per fortnight per person for four years within a 10-year period,

For growers to qualify, net assets both farm and non-farm must be below $5.5 million.

Contrary to some discussion, Off-farm income does not preclude growers or farmers from the payment – with growers encouraged to seek support in understanding each individual situation.

Further details can be found via Services Australia or Rural Business Support.