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Can you believe the 30 Day Food Challenge ends tonight, WOW That went fast

It's Day 30 of 'Ian and Leith's 30 Day Food Challenge' and haven't we in the group made changes, Congratulations to all who have worked hard to achieve their own goals.

Well Done, Tanya, Natalie, Fern, Sharon, Virgina and her hubby and others in the group that have stuck to it for outstatnding results.

We will announce these results tomorrow on 5RM.

It's been so succesful, the group are selecting more goals to chase for another 30 days starting Monday February 18th.

Tanya has been in the River News, Natalie in the Loxton News, Murray Pioneer and Take 5 magazine, with the aim to inspire others.

If you would like to join us, go to the 5RM Facebook page and request to join the group, with your own goals for the next 30 days.


Take 5 Natalie Skinner