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Would you like to win a Dinner for Two for Valentines Day, thanks to Mallee Fowl, tell us how you met your Valentine!

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Natalie Skinner -  was working in an unemployment agency and remember saying my first week, Do you meet your future husband in a place like this? Little did I know I was going too.
I met my husband now Gavin Skinner who had a redundancy package from qantas and moved up here with family and came in to office for a job. First thing I heard was his car a Ford...I love Holdens We both liked each other but nothing happened due to no communication therfore he moved back to Adelaide and some months later I heard his car pull up and he walked into the office, we became friendlier but it wasnt until that New Years Eve at midnight he walked into a party I was at and kissed me and now 13 years later the rest is history 
Deb Lawson-
His sister threw him a welcome home party after graduating from Army Apprentices School in 1974. Love a man in uniform,️ a match made in heaven as we hit it off straight up & are about to celebrate our 41st wedding Anniversary & loving life together. 
Nerida Stanton -
We met in the Childrens ward, Modbury Hospital 1981, and we accompanied each other to the Christmas party for the ward. One of the few roances that made it to the altar. Been married 35 years, more than half my lifetime.
Paul McCormick-
I would love to say it was a Shrek moment, we know I love my Shrek storyline, but it was actually a communal dinner of a roast lamb which I cooked which stole her heart. It was the same meal, the lamb roast, which was the last meal I cooked for my father before he passed away.
So I both love and have sad feelings when I cook lamb roast for my family. You have to love a lamb roast though as it brings family past and present together.
Robyn Schultz- Our story.. lived in the same town but 17yrs age difference  when I started work, he was a customer. I changed jobs, he popped in to say hello.! 
Working in Berri and he came thru as a customer,  both divorced had coffee one night and that started a relationship.
Kathy Flanaghan -  met my husband on the internet. We had chatted for two years, via text, phone calls, and video chat. We would talk a couple days of the week. I had subconsciously kept myself distant, for fear of being hurt again. He would ask me about my days, joke, and at times just sit and have coffee together using video chat. 2 years of chatting he asked me a question. * Would you come to Luna Park with me if I asked you*?...I had the confidence then to say yes. I hopped on a bus to Sydney, 2 way ticket, got off the bus, saw him hugged him, my stomach had butterflies, I was love. I never used the return ticket to go back home, 13 years later we are now married, * 11 years this year*, still in  love, and still rocking it x
Caroline West- Met him at the Saturday dance at Hurstville was it the Rivoli in 1969. He asked my friend to dance as I was dancing with his mate.
Kenny Norris - met my wife when I was on crutches, she kicked them away, we started chatting and you know the rest. We married on her birthday February 14, Valentine's Day and had five children together.
Milli - we have never married, but have been together for 36 years. We met whilst camping.
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