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Summerfruit SA are calling for ZERO tolerance bringing fruit into the Riverland

Summerfruit SA suggest it is important to look at the bigger picture of bringing fuit into the Riverland, especially from over the border.

Tim Grieger, Jason Size and Steve Burdett discuss with Ian on 5RM Breakfast,

  • ·The risks and pressures at our borders are increasing
  • ·Important to protect our horticulture industries – our whole region depends on those industries
  • ·Fruit Fly effects not just growers but the whole region
  • ·Zero tolerance is about protecting our borders – about getting the message out that fruit must not be brought into SA
  • ·These laws have been in place for about 5 decades – we need increased action and increased vigilance to keep our Pest Fee Area status.
  • ·We are supporting the Minister and Govt in this
  • ·It is a TEAM approach that is required – everyone has a part to play – including households.

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