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Loxton Mardi Gras is just a fortnight away, it is South Australia's longest running event in it's 62nd year

Yae Schoenhenzel speaks to Ian on 5RM Breakfast about this awesome weekend coming up this month.

Loxton Mardi Gras get under way Friday 22nd February with the free screening of the Disney movie, UP, at 7.30pm on the lawn by the East Terrace Rotunda.

Saturday’s activities start at 9.00am with market, craft and food stalls in the street and then the big parade, with the theme Showtime, at 10.45am.  There will be bands, music, dancing and entertainment for kids and adults; winner announcements for shop window displays, floats and ambassadors.

Sunday’s Mardi Gras Appreciation Service will begin at 8.30am at the Rotunda. 

For details, jump on the Facebook page.

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