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The USA V Australia BAD Boat Challenge is coming up on the River in Berri on January 25, 26 and 27

Chris Palmer joins Ian on 5RM Breakfast to chat about this great event.
In # 2007 was the first USA V Australia BAD Boat Challenge (BAD stands for Blown Alcohol displacement) Round 1 was held in Windsor NSW, the round one winner was Chris himself, in his boat Outlaw. Chris lost round 2 due to a break down.
Round 2 at Hazelwood Park in Victoria, where Australian Brian Mccosker took out the title.
Round 1 Windsor 
Round 2 Berri ( change made due to water level's in Vicoria)
+ Difference's between the 2 places?
WInner was USA Duff Daily.
So they return to Berri this January.
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