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The idea to take a flotilla of boats along the spectacular Murray River was brought to Novita by our dedicated event Patrons, John Riddell (Channel 7), Jason ‘Snowy’ Carter and Russell Ebert. The Mighty River Run takes up to 40 boats and their crews on a six-day trip along the Murray where you will be able to take in the spectacular sights of this magnificent river.

There will be stops along the way in different towns and homesteads and each night will be spent in a different location. Days and evenings are filled with entertainment and games that everyone can enjoy.

The Mighty River Run route will take us to the following places along the beautiful Murray River in 2018 – Wentworth, Neds Corner, Devils Elbow, Customs House, Renmark, Berri, Loxton and Waikerie. You will also get the chance to cruise the beautiful Darling River.

John Riddell