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After 40 years, Bill Lawry hangs up his microphone

Bill Lawry

In Australian cricket broadcasting few have or ever will attain the status afforded to Bill Lawry.

His voice formed part of the soundtrack of summer in Australia with his undeniable enthusiasm giving him a unique position among the legends of Channel Nine.

As cricket moves away from Nine to its new home on pay TV, Lawry has taken the opportunity to call it quits.

His trademark calls “Got im, yes!” and “It’s all happening” have worked their way into cricket’s lexicon and his banter with the late Tony Greig gave Channel Nine’s coverage something money just could not buy.

The 81-year-old has scaled back his involvement in recent years and flagged the Ashes as perhaps his last gig in 2017.

“What a terrific legacy he’s left,” Mark Taylor said on Nine’s Sport Sunday program.

“That’s the first thing that I found extraordinary (about Lawry) when I joined the commentary team 19 years ago was that difference in Bill – he was a dour cricketer, very hard to get out as a player.

“But as a commentator, (he was) great fun.”