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South Australia could bid for 2026 Commonwealth Games

Meter maids, in their gold bikinis and tiaras, have strolled the streets of the Gold Coast for decades, posing for photos and selling a range of merchandise.

But the owner of Meter Maids has claimed her staff have been warned not to go near tourist hotspots like Surfers Paradise during the Games or risk being hit with a $750 fine.

“We are not even allowed to walk as human beings, as girls in bikinis,” Meter Maids owner Roberta Aitchson told News Corp.

“It is GOLDOC [who have enforced this]. It is Peter Beattie [Gold Coast Commonwealth Games chairman]. Powerhouse, we call him.

“Mr Beattie needs to come down and work out what the Gold Coast is all about and what has made the Gold Coast what it is today – which is Meter Maids.

Roberta Aitchson said Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate would not invite the Meter Maids to be aprt of the Commonwealth Games.

Meanwhile Member for Chaffy, Tim Whetstone, says, the South Australian Governemnt should consider the 2026 Commonwealth Games as it will lift not only sporting facilities and infastructure for Adelaide but across the state.

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